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3Kw Fan Heater & 20m x 1.5m Bubble Insulation Bundle

Buy our 3Kw Fan Heater and get
20m x 1.5m of Bubble Insulation FREE
75x Ali Plug Greenhouse Fixings Half Price

3Kw Fan Heater & 20m x 1.5m Bubble Insulation Bundle

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3Kw Fan Heater with Stat

Designed & manufactured by us especially for high humidity greenhouse use. Supplied with 3metre Mains Lead & Plug and 3metre Sensor Lead.

Stainless Steel Case
For longlife. 265 x 305 x 240mm
(9”dia x 12”long x 91/2”high).

Accurate Temperature
Built in Electronic Thermostat.

Dual Sheathed Elements
Not affected by high humidities. Provides 3kw.
(Elements cut in providing heat as required.)

Large Fan 7.5"
Provides quick,even heat distribution 320c.m.h. Switchable for summer air circulation or to run constantly. Reducing cold spots & running costs.

Remote Temperature Sensor< br /> The temperature sensor (on 3 metre lead) placed amongst the plants maintains the correct temperature for them, not the irrelevant heater temperature.

Bubble Insulation

Top Quality
Commercial 25mm laminated cells.

Higher Insulation value
Reduces heat loss and heating costs.

Good Light Transmission
Allows more light to plants.

Diffused Light
Sunlight refracting off the deep cell walls reduces plant scorch.

Long Life - UV Stabilised
Reduces the destructive effects of sunrays, gives longer life. Many growers leave up all year.