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Heating Controls

Greenhouse heating needs vary with position,draught proofing and insulation. Generally 3kW will keep a 10’x 12’ frost free when -7oC outside. By installing Bubble Insulation the same heater will give higher temperatures, lower running costs or heat a larger greenhouse.

"Electric heaters are the most adaptable source of heating for smaller greenhouses and the most efficient means of maintaining specified temperatures.Thermostatic control ensures no wastage of heat resulting from changing external conditions.There are no fumes and no need for ventilation when the heaters are in use.Use of off-peak electricity,with an appropriate meter, will reduce running costs" RHS Website.

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Fleece 1.5mtrs wide x 10 mtrs

Lightweight, strong white fleece. Laid over plants or seedlings provides a micro climate. Accelerates growth by increasing soil temperatures, allows air & water through. Protects from frost, birds etc.
Price: £8.95


Tube Heaters

Ideal for under bench or keeping a cold frame frost free. 60 watts per ft. May be mounted one above the other. Includes mounting brackets. Control with our Electronic Thermostat.
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Simply Control Heated Tray 1mtr x 38cm

A flat aluminium surface encloses a bonded heating element and insulating polystyrene ensuring all the heat is disipated upwards, providing even bottom heat to encourage seed germination and root growth.
Price: £54.95


Heater Element

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Bubble Insulation Per Metre

Higher Insulation value Reduces heat loss and heating costs.
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