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PELA 6000 Oil Extractor

6.0 Litres Oil Extractor Pump

PELA 6000 Oil Extractor

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This newly designed oil changer has the power of the big PELAs but comes in a compact more affordable model. Requires just 10 to 20 strokes to create a powerful vacumm. Sturdy, see through container (6.0 litres) neatly captures the oil. The calibrated walls allow easy measurement of the oil extracted. A pour spout is included to help emptying Pump is removable for easy storage. Perfect for: - Cars - Motorbikes - Boats - Inboard/outboard motors - Lawn mowers - Gearboxes - Bilge cleaning/waste water clean up etc etc. Capacity: 6.0 litres (1.57 gal) Height: 21.5" (assembled) Diameter of Container: 9" Tube: Probe 3/16" OD, Length 43"; Clear Section 3/8" OD, Length 39"