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Simply Control Transformer Water Controller

Reliable Automatic Watering Controller which is incredibly easy to fit and operate

Simply Control Transformer Water Controller

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Incredibly easy to operate, reliable Automatic Watering Controller.

A plug-in timer and transformer are located in the dry and connected by a small, safe low voltage cable to our solenoid valve which is screwed onto the outside tap.

When the timer comes on the transformer sends a signal to the valve which opens and turns the water on for the time you have set.

This will operate a Sprinkler or Dripper System as many times a day as set on timeclock. Min: time 15 minutes. Shorter times use a digital timer.

  • Transformer unit with 1metre mains cable and plug.
  • Analogue Plug-in-timer
  • 10 metres solenoid cable
  • Solenoid and tap adaptor.